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#TEDtalks - The Power of Mentoring as a Transformational Process

In her insightful talk, Dr. Stacy Blake Beard, Professor at Simmons College, calls us to recognize the importance of mentoring and the ways it can transform our lives.

DR. Stacy Blake Beard is a Professor of Management at the Simmons College School of Management where she teaches organizational behavior. She is also Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Gender in Organizations at Simmons and Visiting Faculty at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India. Prior to joining Simmons, Dr. Blake-Beard was faculty at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Dr. Blake-Beard’s research focuses on the challenges and opportunities offered by mentoring relationships, with a focus on how these relationships may be changing as a result of increasing workforce diversity. She is particularly interested in the issues women face as they develop mentoring relationships. She also studies the dynamics of formal mentoring programs in both corporate and educational settings. Dr. Blake-Beard has published research on gender, diversity, and mentoring in several publications and is co-editor of the Handbook of Research on Promoting Women’s Careers (2013).

Watch her TEDxUrsulineCollege talk now:

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