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Mentoring another person is about so much more than offering advice and support or transferring your own knowledge and experiences onto another. The personal benefits that can be achieved through supporting another often means that mentoring is a rewarding experience for both mentor and mentee.

There are many reasons why you should become a mentor. The benefits associated not only with collaborative learning, but the rediscovery of one’s own knowledge can often only be found through journeys such as mentoring another.


Keep reading for 5 more reasons on why you should become a mentor;


1. Develop your leadership skills


Mentoring is considered a key leadership skill. By guiding, supporting and encouraging your mentee when needed, mentors can expand and develop on their abilities to become a good leader – a skill that is vital for anyone looking to develop themselves further. Not only does mentoring improve your leadership skills, but it also helps to develop your communication and personal skills too.


2. Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas


Through building a new relationship with another professional, you are able to see your profession in a whole new light. Sometimes we find the formula that works for what we do and get stuck in using that formula for everything without revisiting it. By mentoring someone who sees things in a different way to how you do, you are able to get a refresher on the perspective you hold.


3. Advance your career


By mentoring others, you open yourself up to a range of essential skills. If you are looking to get that promotion, especially into management, mentoring another could show to your boss that you possess the skills needed to advance, by helping others to learn and grow.


4. Help shape the leaders of tomorrow


Although not necessarily the primary reason for mentoring another, personal satisfaction can be achieved by helping others to learn, grow and fulfil their dreams. Mentors can benefit from a sense of fulfilment and personal growth through their contribution to helping shape the leaders of tomorrow.


5. Increase your confidence and motivation


Being recognised as an expert or leader in your industry could be a confidence booster and additional source of motivation for any individual. The recognition gained from this acknowledgement can sometimes propel us as individuals to do those things that we always wanted to do or thought of doing but never actually followed through with. Sometimes it also works as a way for us to give ourselves recognition for all that we have achieved, by allowing us to take a step back and consider all that we have accomplished so far.

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