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Discussions of gender bases inequality, especially in the workplace, are more commonly had by females than males. Where 82% of men would opt for a same-sex mentor, nearly 7 in 10 women who have a mentor would prefer to also seek guidance from another woman.

With International Women’s Day around the corner on the 8th March 2020, this blog looks at the topic of why women need to mentor other women. The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day Campaign is #EachforEqual with the aim of forging a gender equal world.


In the workplace, women are able to help other women develop, learn and succeed through methods such as mentoring, and it is in doing this that gender equality in the workplace can be achieved.


Where women are succeeding already in achieving positions of power, closing the wage gap and breaking glass ceilings in professional and creative industries, it is important that women ‘pass the torch’ in their success to ensure that the move towards equality continues.


As times progress, women are taking on more and balancing their social life, career and family all in a day’s work. Many women are increasingly also making the conscious choice to focus on their career in lieu of marriage and family life, and it is in this professional aspect that a mentor who understands the reasoning behind this particular choice comes in handy.


Women who have already experienced the delicate balance of juggling work, home, family and friends, and have done so successfully are able to offer unseen wisdom and insight to the women that come after them and are wondering how they’ll be able to do it all. By having a mentor that faces the same struggles, inequalities and societal expectations as you, this particular mentor-mentee bond is more special than any other.


Humans are naturally inquisitive, and so being able to provide the knowledge, adapted to the experiences of the modern-day woman, from the modern-day woman herself, will help women to flourish, whilst satisfying that need to learn and grow.


It also provides opportunities. Where young women from disadvantaged backgrounds may have the drive and determination to succeed, having the help and guidance from someone who knows where to apply strategy and how to navigate particular circumstances provides a chance for these young women to elevate themselves into a better position.


On top of all else, passing your knowledge and expertise on to the next generation will help to ensure that your wisdom lives on.


Do you have any amazing female mentors that you want to thank? Tag them below to let them know how wonderful they are!

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