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Questions to ask your mentor

Although mentoring journeys are often insightful and exciting, there could be times where it needs a little push to keep going in the same purposeful direction, or a helping hand to get off the ground.

How to select your perfect Mentor

There are many things to consider when selecting your mentor. Compatibility may need to be professional as well as personal, to ensure comfort and the best working relationship. Mentees have full control when selecting their mentor through mytopmentor.com.

Why have a Mentor?

Having a mentor is not just about taking advice from those who know what they’re doing. It is a unique journey and partnership where many people not only find a coach or an advisor, but a friend for life.

Why become a Mentor?

Mentoring another person is about so much more than offering advice and support or transferring your own knowledge and experiences onto another. The personal benefits that can be achieved through supporting another often means that mentoring is a rewarding experience for both mentor and mentee.

Mentoring Styles

There are a range of different styles to suit each individual mentor-mentee pairing. Styles range from the traditional to the long distance, meeting the needs of every situation. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common types of mentoring